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I had my first contact with this world of vfx with 3dstudio.r4 many years ago, but after a while I decided to be a part of another kind of effect. My name is Ronaldo Luis Modenesi Pucci, and I’m a digital compositor working with publicity and cinema. In 2008 I had the opportunity of moving to Rio de Janeiro to work at Conspiração Filmes, one of the biggest commercial and cinema companies in Brazil. A lot happened after all these years and now I’m working at RedRecord one of the major companies of TV in Brazil and started doing some freelances too some remotes other in local, with Nuke and Flame, so let’s keep working and always keeping the smile :-) .

My great passion is to make effects, learn and improve my abilities.





/ Conspiração Filmes

/O2 Filmes – Compositor

/Conspiração Filmes – Freelancer Compositor

/GP2 Studios – Compositor

I’ll be very happy to answer any questions you may have, just send me an email.


Ronaldo Pucci

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